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Becoming a Member
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Who Can Join?

WNY Mommies is a private community for moms only. We welcome all moms  of all ages - with children of all ages. We welcome new moms, (referred) expecting moms* and moms who have "been there done that!" We are a diverse group that is home to moms from all areas of Western New York and is accomodating and welcoming to families with all of the challenges that come with motherhood!

*Due to our requirement that children be brought to new member meetings, expecting moms with no other children must be referred by a member in good standing.

Details of Membership

While its not required that all members participate in every play date/outing, we hope that you will! Online access and participation is required.

In order to support our group website and some group activities, we charge minimal dues of $10 per year.

Additionally, it is required that members have access to the internet, and are willing to participate using the message board system.

How Can You Join?

We do require that all potential members are met in person before gaining access to our message board. This is to protect the privacy of our current members' information, and we trust that as a member, you will appreciate our thorough screening process.
Once this process has taken place, you will be given the link to register at our private message board. This is our main source of communication, so some degree of dedication and is necessary in order to get the most out of your WNYMommies membership!
Please take into consideration that there is a large amount of applicants, and very few individuals conducting screenings. Please exercise some flexibility in your schedule & meeting locations, as well as commitment to your meeting date to expedite your approval. "No Shows" will be removed from the list immediately.

We hold regular "open houses" & public playdates to welcome new families several times each year.
Please fill out the form below if you are interested in being notified of our next one! (Please note that any incomplete forms or solicitation attempts will automatically be disregarded)
Have a question? Contact us!
(Please do not use this email address for solicitation purposes)

First and Last Name
Email address:
Area of WNY:
Ages of Children:
Why are you seeking a playgroup?:
We require that all members are met in person prior to joining. What time of day is best for you?
How did you hear of us? If referred, please provide member name:

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